Martin Bashir feeling guilty for what he did in “Living With Michael Jackson”?


After watching this video…I just can’t believe this guy. By the time he found out Michael was dead he just couldn’t stay in his home. That is because something was wrong inside him, inside his mind and heart. He felt GUILTY! That’s why he had to go in front of a camera and say these words to the public. In this video you can see his face, he’s so shocked and confused by the news and the memory of the most inappropriate documentary he has ever done! His job in this documentary is the stupidest job I’ve ever seen. But the worst part came after. The real damage came after the documentary and Bashir didn’t care about the harm he did to Michael. I can’t believe that he got the chance to have a heart to heart conversation with Michael and he took all that and used it against the man who opened his soul, life and heart to him and even let him coexist with his children, Michael’s most valued treasures. Respectable people JUST DON’T DO THAT! Maybe for him it was just a game, but what Michael had to live and confront after…well, that was too hard for a game. It was  NOT a game and I knew that from the first time I saw the documentary, I noticed immediately how uncomfortable Michael was almost all the time during the interviews. And Bashir was such a coward that he acted one way when Michael was present and other way when he was alone, and used those moments to say things with double meanings about Michael. That was really frustrating and a massive attack to him. At the end, it is what it is right now and this confession he made after Michael passed away it’s just TOO LATE. Why didn’t he say this when Michael really needed it and when he was ALIVE????? Why he never said this right after the documentary if he thought somehow it was misunderstood? Hearing him saying these words now makes me want to scream and I don’t feel even a little respect for this person. He is just another person who took advantage of Michael for money and fame, but guess what Bashir? You’re not even half the man Michael is and you deserve no respect as a person or journalist, because good people don’t do this to another person, it’s just not human. I’d rather not see Bashir saying this, but he did maybe because guilt was and still is eating his brain and heart, but sorry feelings are not admissible right now, not right now. Michael Jackson is the biggest, best and greatest entertainer the world has ever seen and would ever see, but he was also the most stalked and harassed celebrity ever with people like this guy trying to obtain something from him no matter what. It’s amazing to see now people are trying to clear their minds by saying the truth, but how good and brave would that be… some years ago? Pretty brave actually, but no one did it. I’m sure guys like Bashir didn’t have a clue about how much that hurt Michael and the suffering he experienced. It’s so coward to say the truth now when Michael is no longer with us. The good thing is that we already know what kind of person this Bashir is and now his malicious is well documented while making “Living With Michael Jackson”. I’ll finish this posting what Michael said to him during the documentary: “…people don’t stop to think what they’re saying sometimes, and the effect it can have on a person…” Think about that!

Michael I love you and I believe in your innocence. You proved you lived a terrific life, despite those painful moments we all now, loving and caring about all the people around you and on top of that, you loved the entire world even when you knew there were some people full of bad intentions. That’s why I respect you and admire you.

His music, and above all his pure message of love, will be always printed in my heart and mind and I will assure his legacy will endure forever while I contribute in making the world a better place and healing it as well.




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  2. Im a big Michael Jackson fan and I couldnt’ agree more.Its’ so anoyying now that people who either sued Michal hated him or said means things about him when he was living are now coming out of the woodwork and going on telly for a large amount of money and balling thier eyes out saying how much they loved Michael and saying how close they were to him or how gifted and genrous he was to them ! Examples brooke shields Ola Ray sued Michael a few years ago for unpaid royalties for the thriller! Well you what these people wernt’ around when Michael really needed thier love and support when he was going through his legal troubles ! I cant stand this hypocrite no longer either !

  3. Thanks for your opinion. I feel exactly the same. It’s just amazing the things people do for money and fame.

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  5. This is not a good confession, he does not admit he lied, the word “lied” is not used here, and he will never admit that. He is just cleaning himself off a little but to me this is not enough.

    • Thank you for your comment. To me the word LIED does not need to be said to find out he’s guilty and regretted when I clearly see the difference in the tone of Bashir’s voice in this video and in Living With Michael Jackson. I agree with you that he will not admit anything, but the bad intentions he tried to spread on the documentary are not reflected on this video. L.O.V.E.

  6. As awful as Bashir & most of the media was to Michael, I have a Facebook group that I’d love for people who want to show Michael as a human being to join. Bashing the media is strictly prohibited. Personally, I’d like to rip into every media member that ever spread lies or cast judgement on Michael, but we would simply be ignored & thought of as rabid fans. At some point, I’d really like to have a website up & we may need media support. Below, is the group description.
    VindicateMJNow is a collaborative movement of like minds to share- openly and logically- valid reasons why Michael Jackson (MJ) was incapable of the heinous crimes leveled against him in 1993 and again in 2003. This movement also has a blog associated with it where the original administrator writes editorials on aspects of Michael’s life that have been widely discussed. The issues tackled have, so far, been the most controversial aspects of his life. Other group members are welcome to write their own blogs for the movment; if they wish. The blog name is Remember The Time. There is also a Twitter page associated with the group. It is called MJHumanity. At some point, we hope to have a website for everyone to visit. When that comes, an announcement will be made.

    Trust us, you will NOT find any other Michael Jackson forum exactly like this one. We may be MJ fans, but we’re NOT fanatics. We’re comfortable talking about the “whole” Michael Jackson, ‘the imperfect human being’, as well as the perfected performer. We clearly understand he may have been viewed as ‘God-like’ but he was not ‘God’. He was human, with all of his insecurities, his joys, his fears, his inhumane strengths, his contradictions, his unconditional love, his good and not-so-good decisions. In other words, he was no different than you or me.

    This is exactly what we hope we can convince others – on the fence, or otherwise, – to see.
    We have no time limit on this movement’s mission. Throughout this process we aim to bring like minds of all walks of life here. With that in mind, we’re tossing out a ‘very long’ welcome mat to those who can provide the most credible explanations of his innocence, specifically sharing of thoughts by the famous- or infamous who knew him best. This would include his friends, his professional colleagues, his staff, his family, the children who knew and adored him, the parents of these same children or anyone who has seen the whites of Michael Jackson’s eyes beyond a fleeting moment in a crowd. And, of course, his adoring supporters, like many of us… who remain convinced of his innocence.

    NOTE: Here’s what VindicateMJNow is NOT:
    1. A place to spew angry comments about anyone or any ‘thing’ that you believe may have killed him or led to his ultimate demise on June 25, 2009. And, YES, this means blaming the media who went after his ‘strangeness’ with a vengeance. Grieve the loss of him. We all do. Just don’t bring it here. It’s too late to place blame. Let’s spend our energies ‘making-it-right-for-Mike’ by finally implementing what should have been done years ago: alternative, logical, clinical and professional views that help explain personal ‘differences’ between the ‘everyday’ person’s view of ‘normal’ and MJ’s.

    2. A place to tell us why you think he was guilty. Don’t even go there. We know all of the reasons you think this. VindicateMJNow is designed to present the other side of this equation- offer a different perspective. We may never change your mind; and that’s OK. Just don’t try to change ours.

    3. A place to sell something (not otherwise approved by the forum administrators).

    4. A place to argue. Will not be tolerated. Debating in a civil manner, yes. Anything less, no.

    5. Unmoderated posts. To ensure appropriate language and process is followed, all posts will be moderated- trust us- this is for your protection, too.

  7. gone too soon..d world is missing u michael..missing u

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